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Welcome to the new MLB Auction website!

We've added SMS Bidding! Look out for the SMS Reference Number on selected auctions to bid.

Some quick tips to keep in mind when you're searching the new site:

  1. Each club has its own URL and branded experience; therefore, make sure to bookmark your favorite team's URL. However, if you forget you can always access the individual club sites through the flash bar on the main auction site (auctions.mlb.com)
  2. In addition to placing a bid on an auction, you can also buy items today! With a new shopping cart and checkout flow for Buy Now listings you can group items together and have them all shipped to your house at once (some restrictions apply).
  3. When placing a bid on the new site you are now required to bid with a multiple of the bid increment – so keep that in mind when you're trying to outbid your competitor on your favorite item!
  4. Filter your way to the perfect item for you. Either start in the team drop down menu, or use the filters presented in the left-hand navigation, to find the items you're looking for.

Real Time Bid Refresh is no longer active on the site

Click "Reactivate" below to enable Real Time Bid Refresh and see the most recent bidding activity, or click "Cancel" to keep it disabled. Please visit the FAQ page to learn more about Real Time Bid Refresh.